Template A6. Title: Children's Ballet School Flyer. Theme: Education, teachers, tutors, nannies

Template A6. Title: "Children's Ballet School Flyer" Designer: hun***.ru(ID:97)

Format: 148×150(mm)
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Front side

  • 1-234-567-89-10
  • City One, Street Two,3
  • Our address and phone number:
  • Our school uses author's training programs that help children to learn educational material in a playful way and in comfortable conditions.
  • Company name
  • Free first lesson!

The reverse side

    • Company name
    • City One, Street Two, 3
    • 1-234-567-89-10
    • A set of children from 3 years old. We take everyone without a competition.
    • http://twit.vadres
    • http://vk.com/vadres
    • http://inst.vadres
    • http://ok.ru/vadres
    • http://fb.vadres